Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Voting Guide – How to Vote

Bigg Boss Malayalam is among those quality shows which is famous in the entire world. Almost every nation has got its very own Bigg Boss show and it has become a household name, without a doubt. 

Speaking about the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 voting guide, there are people who are eager to vote for their favourite contestants. This time, a total of 16 contestants have been nominated and each of them are looking pretty strong. 

In the entire nomination process, each contestant was picked randomly and were called in the confession room. They were told to nominate two housemates and were told to give valid reasons for the same. 

However, those things were for the post and this time, the Bigg Boss Malayam Season 4 nomination week is looking dreadful. 

To gain more information regarding the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4, come along as we unwrap every detail, one by one. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Voting Guide

To begin with the voting guide for Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4, let’s take a look at the contestatns of Bigg Boss Malayam Season 4:

  • Naveen Arakkal
  • Janaki Sudheer
  • Lakshmi Priya
  • Robin Radhakrishnan
  • Dhanya Mary Varghese
  • Shalini Nair
  • Jasmine M Moosa
  • Kutty Akhil
  • Daisy David
  • Ronson Vincent
  • Nimisha
  • Aswin Vijay
  • Aparna Mulberry
  • Sooraj Thelakkad
  • Blesslee
  • Dilsha Prasannan
  • Suchithra Nair 

Wildcard Entrants

  • Manikandan Thonnakkal
  • Riyas Salim
  • Vinay Madhav

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A Glance at the Voting Procedure for BB Malayalam Season 4

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Voting online

  • First of all, you will need to install Disney+ Hotstar app available for Android and iPhone. Yes, the app is available for both the platforms and you can install the same, without issue. 
  • Next, you will have to create an account with the help of your email id, phone number or using any of your social media account. 
  • Then, you can type Bigg Boss Malayam Season 4 and press the enter icon from your Android or iOS keyboard. 
  • Now, after doing the same, you can tap on the ‘Vote Now’ icon and then cast your vote to save your favourite contestant. 
  • Each of the users have 50 votes per day and they can split each of those votes among their favourite contestants. 
  • Plus, another thing to note is that the vote bank closes on midnight Friday so make sure to cast your votes before that. 
  • Once you have voted for your favourite contestants, you can wait and pray that your favourite contestant gets saved. 


Coming at the concluding phase of the article, you must have got an entire procedure to cast your votes for your favourite contestants. This time, in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4, each of the contestants are looking strong and anyone can win the competition.

Rest, from your end, all you can do is to cast your vote, save your favourite contestant and watch the Bigg Boss Malayam Season 4 in the best and fruitful way.

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