State of Origin Tickets 2022 Booking Guide

The State of Origin 2022 is about to start from the 8th June 2022 and the fans along with the teams are equally excited. Yes, the series is just a month away and people have started buying tickets from the official websites. As of now, the State of Origin Game 1 tickets are underway and people are trying their best to avail the same.

Either from the official website or through other online portals, the choice is purely yours. In this event, a total of three matches will be played between the NSW Blues and Queensland. Non-ticket holders can stream the State of Origin Rugby matches live online through Foxtel.

While the venue for each game is different, you can simply get the tickets of your favourite Game.
Currently, Game 1, 2 and Game 3 are mostly confirmed whereas different online portals have come into existence.
Now, let’s move ahead and discover some essential things about the State of Origin Game 1 tickets.

Take a Stake At the State of Origin Tickets 2022

Firstly, if you are wondering about the booking portals for State of Origin tickets, there are plenty of them. It is 2022 and you will surely get more than one option for each and everything.

On the first and foremost basis, the NRL website is the official one with which you can avail the State of Origin Game 1 tickets. Here, you can sign up on their website and then go ahead with the ticket buying process.
Afterwards, you can choose any of your preferred payment options. Either a debit card, credit or bank transfer, all depends on your personal wills.

Also, you must note that the official website boasts extreme security whereas your money won’t go anywhere.
Speaking about the other options to buy State of Origin Game 1 Tickets, Viagogo is another brilliant name. Though it’s not the official website by the State of Origin, it’s much trustworthy and reliable.

With Viagogo, you can simply get the Game 1 tickets in a few simple and quick steps.
Overall, the Viagogo offers a sleek and much easy to use interface. You can simply navigate through the entire interface and book your tickets, the most convenient way.

Moving a step ahead, the Ticketek is another brilliant option for booking Game 1 tickets of State of Origin. Indeed, despite not being the official ticketing partner, the company has done its best to deliver tickets, the best possible manner.

Is Buying Process of the State of Origin tickets Easy?

Regardless of any of the above portals, you visit, buying the State of Origin tickets is a fairly easy process.
There is no rocket science involved where you can simply book your tickets, the most convenient way.
All you require is a perfect payment option along with a net connection. After which, you can visit the above portals, pay for the tickets and watch State of Origin Game 1, right away.

Also, time after time, different websites do releases discounts for the candidates. Hence, you can keep a watch on those discounts, avail the same and get tickets at a much cheaper price.

Game 1 Tickets

Either from the official website or the other websites mentioned above, you can buy Game 1 tickets, from wherever you want.
As of now, you can do one simple thing. Visit each of the above websites and discover which website has got the simplest booking process. After which, with your friends or family, you can effectively book tickets and watch the State of Origin Game 1, freely and confidently.

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Final Word of Mouth

Consequently, I hope you have gone through each of the above ticket booking portals and must have got clearer idea to buy State of Origin

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