World Men’s Curling Championship 2022 Schedule

The World Men’s Curling Championship is right around the corner and the fans are eagerly waiting for such a massive event. There are fans for this series of games and people love to watch the Curling event from their homes or even visit the venues.

Speaking about the dates for the present date Curling event, it will start on April 2nd and will end on April 10th, 2022.

Additionally, giving a glance at the venue, the 2022 Men’s Curling Championship is going to be held right in the heart of Orleans Arena.

Now, this is the ninth time when the event has been held in the United States.

Even the last edition 2018 was held in Los Angeles and since then, the present date Men’s Curling event is going to be held.

Let’s go ahead and unveil some more information along with the schedule for the 2022 Men’s Curling championship.

2022 Men’s Curling Championship Schedule and More Details

Speaking about the championship that was held back in the year 2018, it was certainly a great success. People loved the event and in 2022, the organizers are back to offer one more stunning 2022 Men’s Curling championship.

Talking about the reigning World Champions, Sweden is the country that won the 2021 event in Calgary, Canada. They have won three consecutive championships and are looking pretty strong as of now.

On the other hand, there will be some other better teams who will be fighting and get their hands on the trophy for the Men’s curling championship.

It will not be a cakewalk as all of the teams will be fighting pretty hard to win the contest.

Right now, if you are someone who wants to know the schedule for the Men’s Curling Championship, we have got the same for you.

Let’s go ahead and unveil an entire schedule, one by one.

Saturday 2 April

14:00: Canada vs Czech Republic (TBD)

19:00: Canada vs Norway (TBD)

19:00: Finland vs Switzerland (TBD) ­­

Sunday 3 April

09:00: Switzerland vs Sweden (TBD)

09:00: Finland vs  Denmark (TBD)

14:00: United States vs Czech Republic (TBD)

14:00: Canada vs Czech Republic (TBD)

19:00: Netherlands vs Canada (TBD)

Monday 4 April

09:00: Denmark vs Sweden (TBD)

14:00: Canada vs Italy (TBD)

14:00: United States vs Korea (TBD)

19:00: Switzerland vs Czech Republic (TBD)

Tuesday 5 April

09:00: Sweden vs Czech Republic (TBD)

14:00: Scotland vs United States (TBD)

14:00: Germany vs Canada (TBD)

19:00: Netherlands vs Norway (TBD)

Wednesday 6 April

09:00: Canada vs Sweden (TBD)

14:00: Switzerland vs United States (TBD)

14:00: Norway vs Finland (TBD)

19:00: Finland vs Canada (TBD)

Thursday 7 April

09:00: United States vs Canada (TBD)

14:00: Korea vs Switzerland (TBD)

19:00: Canada vs Korea (TBD)

19:00: United States vs Sweden (TBD)

Friday 8 April

09:00: Canada vs Scotland (TBD)

09:00: Finland vs United States (TBD)

14:00: Sweden vs Norway (TBD)

19:00: Scotland vs Switzerland (TBD)

19:00: Denmark vs Canada (TBD)

Saturday 9 April

14:00: Qualification Game 1 (TBD)

14:00: Qualification Game 2 (TBD)

19:00 : Semi-final 1 (TBD)

19:00 : Semi-final 2 (TBD)

Sunday 10 April

11:00: Bronze medal game (TBD)

16:00: Gold medal game (TBD)

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Final Word of Mouth

The entire schedule for the 2022 Men’s Curling championship is given above. We know that the fans are pretty excited about the championship and it is just a few days away.

Either from the venue or from your home, you can choose your preferred option and go ahead to watch the 2022 Men’s Curling Championship in the most preferable and stress-free way.

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